Deen has been working the microphone for over two decades; hosting various on air and on site shows as well as playing key roles in the radio business before making it to his current appointment as Head of Channel for E88.3FM.

His distinct voice can be heard as part of the awesome trio on the infamous Morning Showgram and also many commercials and trailers that are aired on the station.

Mr. Shiny; because of his gleaming baldness is an automobile enthusiast and a grounded Sri Lankan who is proud of his heritage.

Apart from his adoration for J-Lo, you can catch him rattling off about the days gone by; the mischiefs in his old neighborhood, school and the early part of his career as a young radio jock. Which goes hand in hand with E FM’s format; music from the 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s and content that brings great nostalgia.