Loves her shoes, her sleep and shows with subtitles – Kiara brings in the balance to Brad & Kiara Show – trying to find the lighter side of things in life. She loves to talk about new inventions: ”anything that makes life easier is a win”, discoveries and research about nature and wildlife: “we have to take care of what is around us first and knowledge is key” as well as any updates relating to space exploration: “ I’m sure there’s someone else out there and possibly smarter than us”. She’ll also throw in a random funny story because “we can always use a good laugh” .

She values diversity and inclusion and wants to highlight communities, workplaces, schools and anyone else that gives this prominence and actively works towards making it possible to be your best self.

Putting things into perspective is her favourite thing to do and believes the world could always do with more empathy and understanding.( catch Kiara every Saturday Morning between 7-10am)