The Brad & Kiara Show

The only Sri Lankan Radio Show hosted from Australia, plays weekly on Saturday mornings between 7-10am (SL Time) ! This global radio show explores lifestyles and connects Lankans living all over the world.

The Brad & Kiara show highlights Sri Lanka’s hidden gems via one of its most popular segments "Magical Sri Lanka" where listeners share their best & most loved locations in paradise.

Authors and readers can share their love of books as well as showcase their own work on "The Bookstop" where the show promotes books and reading.

The show also provides a platform for non-profit organisations to discuss their amazing contribution to society & Sri Lanka as well as individuals and community groups who volunteer their time to help others .

The Brad & Kiara Show provides Lankans all over the world an opportunity to talk about the kind of change for the betterment of Sri Lanka via “I Suggest”, another much-loved segment on the show.

As a self-appointed ambassador to promote all things Sri Lankan, Brad is keen to share newsworthy events where you are guaranteed a Sri Lankan experience no matter where you tune/log in from. Kiara will keep you posted on various things she has learnt from around the world as well as polls and topics that are trending on social media.