The Wind Down Zone

Programme Description

The Wind Down Zone is very popular with late sleepers and those on the night-shift. However, with the advent of our new host, Lili, the show has taken on a new life, filled with love, romance and soothing music.

Lili’s spin on love and life will enchant your senses, and help you unwind after a hectic day. These soulful tunes are carefully chosen to help you wipe off the days stresses. Lili may not have a medical degree, but she is certainly a heart specialist with a difference!
The Wind Down Zone is on air from 8pm to midnight, Sunday to Thursday on E 88.3 FM

Lili is back for a late night stint at E FM. She has had an interesting and varied background in broadcasting in Sri Lanka and overseas for the last decade. Lili is also interested in interpretive dance and enjoys travelling and learning about different cultures.

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