The Rush

Programme Description

This show runs on a lot of tea! Shehara and Delano are the perfect duo to help you after a long day of work with the only way they know how – a show full of madness and unpredictability! Enjoy their quirks and chill out on the best evening show in the country! 

Truth be told, Delano is a chilled out reserved guy who likes to speak in monosyllables. But all of that changes on radio! With over 10 years of experience in radio (and dishing out puns), he brings out a refreshing difference on his shows as well as in his playlists! Be ready to be charmed! 

And Shehara is sassy, stylish and seriously crazy. Happy-go-lucky by nature, she just loves a good crowd. Spontaneous and simply unafraid of a rainy day, this chick is always game for anything. 

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