The Morning Showgram

Programme Description

Thosshan, Suzie and Deen are driving morning radio to a totally new level of hilarity!

Fans of the Showgram know all about the crazy verbal antics, the unending fight for points on the Whiz Quiz, and all the tall stories that are related with great drama, every morning.

Their ‘talk-back show’ format that was ingeniously introduced three years ago, has been a breath of fresh air among the usual monotonous deary morning shows across the nation! The Morning Showgram is on air from 6:30am to 10am every weekday on E 88.3 FM

Suzie has been in radio for over a decade and generally is known to keep the ‘two boys’ in check. With all sorts of hidden talents like gaming, cooking amazing food, and being a gifted artist, she has beaten the boys more times at Whiz Quiz than they care to admit.

Thosshans foray into broadcasting began over two decades ago. A fan of lively debate and intelligent conversation, his rapier wit is razor sharp, and is certainly on top form at 7am! He is also the source of many of the sounds you hear on the show – bells clanging, goats bleating, dubious mood music and that famous Doctor-Driver song that drives everyone to distraction.

Diamond Deen has also spent over two decades behind the studio microphone and also as a popular event emcee. His baritone and bald head shine out among the E Crew and as does his knack of recounting some marvelously naughty stories of accidental incidents and encounters.

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