Radio Active

Programme Description

Tune in to energy-filled afternoons with Chrissy that will not just keep you awake, but also have you smiling! Your kids are gonna love all the fun and excitement too!

On Radio Active, Chrissy brings up hilarious stories, local happenings and foodie adventures as well as Terrible Tongue Twisters, Incredible Facts and Kids Achievement updates.
Radio Active is on air from 1 – 5pm every weekday on E 88.3 FM

Chrissy’s first gig in Radio began at EFM over five years ago. She says she, “fell into broadcasting, by just being in the right place at the right time”. With a background in communication and an avid interest in the written word, she also has eclectic taste in music, food and literature. Chrissy has wild ‘tuk tuk adventures’ and was once hit on the head by an unidentified flying object at the beach.

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